Spencer Gulf Cruise 2019

Our proposed itinerary lists the stops at the major ports where we will be welcome at the local yacht clubs.

Between these ports there are many commonly used anchorages chosen to suit the weather at the time. A cruise booklet will offer mud maps, photos, chart info etc on these anchorages. Skippers make their own selection on where to drop the pick for the night.

Port Broughton. A hours motoring in the channel, shallow in parts. Deep water near the Jetty and pontoon in town. The channel is well marked with unlit navigation markers. The entrance from the gulf has a shallow sand bar. You would need around one metre of tide above chart datum to enter in a keel boat. There is a nice anchorage in a false channel on the way in. Keel boats sometimes choose this for the evening prior to departure to save time.



Woods Point North of Port Broughton there is a sandbar marked with a west cardinal marker. Anchoring to the North of this provides reasonable protection from southerly winds.
Port Davis A nice creek for the trailer yachts, deep holes, some sandy beach.
Port Flinders A good anchorage behind Weeroona Island near Pt Pirie protected by shallows on most sides.  Enter from North West.
Port Pirie Limited berthing but good shopping access.
Mernninni & Toms Hideaway West side of Gulf.  Each protected by a sandbar.
Cowell (Franklin Harbour) will provide some detail for consideration of keel boats
Cowleds Landing - Western Shoal Protection from the Shoal itself.

A marina.  Whyalla Council advise that 30 pole moorings are available  at no charge for 2 days.  They have no spare marina berths available.  It may also be possible to share berths with locals. we will need to arrange access on and off the locked pontoon walkwway

Fitzgerald bay A nice bay, but open to SE wind & waves.  Lovely beach on a nice day. Good holding.
Ward Spit The spit dries a metre above water at low tide.   Soft ground with weed in places.
Yatla Harbour A creek for the trailerables.  Need to judge to tide for Keel Boats, but a good basin exists with reasonable protection.
Blanche Harbour  Great anchorage and the most logical stopping point going north.  Protected by a sand bar on the eastern side.
Chinamans Creek North of Blanche Harbour on the Eastern side.  A nice creek for the trailer yachts and a good basin for Keel Boats.
Port Paterson (Concrete Creek) A good basin for Keelers and a creek for trailerables.
Port Augusta A pontoon near the wharfe to share just outside the Yacht club.

Blanche Harbour

Picnic Shelter